How You Can Lower the Rates of the Best Residential Moving Companies

Some people don’t even bother calling in the experts when they plan to move primarily because of one thing: high costs. But before we go on the main point of this article, let us inform you how much these residential moving companies charge.

The answer there, sadly, is very differently. Big names such as U-Haul and Penske can charge you twice as much as the one advertised on their ‘reservations’ page or flyer. Small companies have their own computations which would also up the price.

The fact, however, is that you need help in moving if you want it done fast.

The question you have to ask now is: what gives?

The Scheduled Date of Your Move

Just like hotel and airline reservations, there are ‘peak seasons’ for moving. If you planned to do the move in a month wherein a lot of people in your town have booked one of several residential moving companies, there is a very high possibility that you will be paying more. Why? That’s because all their trucks and people are out there, so high in demand.

Yes, the law of demand and supply has come into play.

What should you do then in this case? It’s very simple, really. Schedule your move during the non-peak season. You will definitely pay less.

Your New Location

When a truck takes your belongings to a new location and comes back empty handed (that is, the truck does not have stuff to move back from wherever you came from), the company would be spending so much more on logistics. And truth be told, they pass a bulk of this cost on to their customer – that’s you.

But if they have a client from your new location, that cost for logistics gets divided among you, the other client and the company. That would keep your cost low.

The Amazing Power of Haggling

The first two tips would really be a huge help for you; but let me tell you now that good, old fashioned negotiating prices would definitely put the cost of these residential moving companies within your budget. Do it!